The Capitol Health Team is made up of a diverse, highly motivated and experienced group of healthcare consultants. The leadership has a deep background in enterprise consulting, especially with large complex, politically motivated healthcare systems and large scale government projects. The experience of our team is unique in the diversity of the principals and the ability to handle large scale change management and implementation in a highly complex environment.


We have demonstrated the capability of building cutting edge healthcare initiatives with a number of high profile clients and have been on the forefront of healthcare reform and population health management for the past 25 years. The team is very proud of its past performance and its capability of sustaining relationships across the industry and both federal and state government entities involved in healthcare.


CHA Team members consult on healthcare projects in the Federal, Public, and Private Sectors. Our consultants have completed projects with The Vermont State Legislature, State of Texas, Veterans Administration, Department Of Defense Health Affairs, Tri-Care Management Activity, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, US Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare and large private healthcare entities such as Johns Hopkins, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Emory Health Care, The University of Pennsylvania Health System and Empire Blue Cross. This abbreviated group of clients we have served represents a cross section of the largest healthcare systems in the world serving tens of millions of individuals worldwide.





Corporate Turnarounds

CHA have completed several corporate turnarounds and restructuring projects. We are able to quickly and fully staff the C-Suite and supporting positions of health related companies and effect a complete turnaround creating a solid platform for divestiture or new management.

Health Care Delivery

CHA has been involved with some of the most advanced healthcare programs in the nation and has constantly been on the forefront of healthcare reform and innovation. We have deep experience in the following categories and to assist clients in:

Chronic Care Program Development

Advanced Medical Home Programs
Practice Workflow Process Reengineering
Business Process Reengineering

Mergers, Acquisitions

and Asset Sales

The CHA team and select partners have completed due diligence, strategic consulting and financing for our own companies and a number of clients in the area of mergers, acquisitions and asset sales. We maintain constant knowledge of the healthcare space and current opportunities to support such activities.   



Global Marketing

CHA has an established network of partners and high level contacts in the US and internationally in a number of healthcare related fields and can assist in business development programs for:


  • Chronic Care Management
  • Health Information Technology
  • Medical Devices
  • Diagnostics
  • Healthcare Analytics

Development and Implementation

The CHA team has personally developed and assisted companies in the development and implementation of cutting edge healthcare technologies for the past 25 years. Our professionals can help your organization with:


  • EMR/EHR Selection and Implementation
  • Telemedicine
  • Patient Engagement Technology
  • Health Status Monitoring
  • Health Data Exchange
  • Data Quality
  • Health Information Security
  • Economic modeling and forecasting
  • Legislative/regulatory issues
  • Appropriations